Yoga Education

Vidya Bharati’s central office has sent a message to all its schools and affiliated organizations to actively observe the International Yoga Day is celebrated on 21st June. Excerpts from the circular:

According to Indian life philosophy, the importance of yoga in the overall development of a child cannot be questioned. It is because of this reason that Vidya Bharati has included yoga teaching as one of its five basic education subjects. Today the whole world has accepted the importance of yoga and 21st June is now celebrated as International Yoga Day all around the globe.

Celebrating yoga in all our schools and associated organizations will not only make the teaching of yoga more effective but also create awareness among the society around us.

This drive towards yoga can be further accelerated if we involve our alumni, our old teachers, and our old yoga teachers too.

Some action points to achieve this can be:

Talks should be organized laying emphasis on how yoga can benefit in the well being of an individual.